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  • Handicap Bathroom System - A · configuration design scheme

    1:BNH-9035AHandrail for the disabled (with paper roll holder) 2:BNH-19014CDisassembly & assembly handrail for the disabled 3:SD-680Soap dispenser 4:SD-10105DESoap dispenser 5:XT02-9106Lidless trash can 6:ANH-N90510Bathroom stool 7:PD-3328Floor drain
  • Handicap Bathroom System - B · configuration design scheme

    1:TD-8340Toilet mat carton 2:TD-8314AToilet paper box 3:BNH-9033Handrail for the disabled 4:BNH-19011Handrail for the disabled with cover 5:BNH-19013Handrail for the disabled with cover 6:XT02-9106Lidless trash can 7:PD-3328Floor drain

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