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  • Hotel Room Toilet System - A · configuration design scheme

    1:AW-08111-1A(MRG)Angle single-layer net basket 2:PD-33135Long drainage floor drain 3:XM-8218Round illuminated vanity mirror (single side magnification) 4:AC57-701 5:AC57-662 6:ANH-501 ∮32Bathroom handrail(Simple) 7:SD-10105DESoap dispenser 8:BNH-19020Handrail for the disabled with cover 9:TD-2332WSquare seat double reel holder(horizontal type) 10:XT02-9106Lidless trash can 11:AC01-801ASquare clothes hanger 12:PD-34381PFloor drain 13:TD-8304Toilet paper box(wall entry type)
  • Hotel Room Toilet System - B · configuration design scheme

    1:AX22-661-1Towel rack (with lower rod) 2:XM-200Vanity mirror (double side) 3:SD-10105DESoap dispenser 4:BNH-19020Handrail for the disabled with cover 5:AW-08111-1AAngle single-layer net basket 6:XT02-9106Lidless trash can 7:CL-4188AClothes hanger 8:PD-34381Floor drain

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